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Aviation & Maritime Shipping Risk Management
With volumes of maritime and aviation shipping growing every year, it's a statistical and unavoidable fact that unplanned incidents and losses will occur. Their financial impact on businesses around the globe can be both severe and unexpected.

It is imperative that affected companies be able to respond quickly to risk manage their exposure. Whether to mitigate their liabilities/financial exposure or initiate an effective recovery programme, a coordinated and effective strategy is essential.

Within a network of respected professionals with decades of experience, REMEDY can provide a global service wherever our client's problems arise. Our pragmatic and professional approach is specifically targeted to give the client the most cost efficient and prompt resolution to their difficulties. Our operating independence means that clients receive the best possible advice unconflicted by third party commercial influences.
The major commercial and specialist services we offer are:

Trading disputes
Resolution of contractual disputes including the buying and selling of cargo. Advice on a number of issues, including non - delivery and or damage to the cargo. Non-compliance with quality, specification or other terms of delivery.

Carriers liability
The provision of both a technical advice and negotiation service to carriers. Including Ship owners/Ship Managers/ Charterers/ Freight Forwarders in circumstances where claims for loss and or damage are being made against them. Whether in contract or in tort, we can advise on whether the claim can be defended and repudiated in full or negotiated settlement achieved on favorable terms.

Collision liability
The provision of technical advice and expert evidence in cases whereby vessels have collided with each other or with fixed objects, such as docks or cranes. Our professional investigation service draws on the respected experience of our Master Mariners and Ships Engineers to provide expert evidence should matters proceed to litigation. By combining these reports, our legal resources and negotiating experience we can also offer the client a comprehensive and cost effective claims negotiation or litigation service.

Banking losses
Negotiated or litigated recoveries associated with distress sale of vessels, fraudulent delivery of cargo under Letter of Credit Agreements and all losses occurring from International Maritime or Aviation Trade. Dependant on individual circumstances such recoveries may structured so the client enjoys a risk free "No win -- No fee basis" that eliminates any financial downside.

Cargo insurance disputes
Providing technical advice and negotiation service in respect of policy coverage issues, where disputes arise between underwriters and assured.
Our portfolio of services and experience is extensive and varied.
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