Litigation Funding
Litigation Funding
Every funding package provided by REMEDY is individually tailored to the requirements of the client. The features, limits, conditions and terms vary, though the majority includes the services explained below.

Cover for Legal Fees
REMEDY will pay for up to 100% of the time costs and disbursements of both the legal team and the supporting experts. In modern corporate litigation, the solicitor represents only one role of many required in a successful action. It is usually necessary for one or more expert witnesses to give evidence on technical issues and at least one (usually two) barristers to present the case to the court and give advice on specialist points of law. These professionals will usually bill on a time/cost basis, and any expenses will be in addition to this. Finally, there is the issue of administrative costs, court costs, filing fees and transcript charges that, over a lengthy proceeding, can all significantly add to the cost of the process.

Cover for Insolvency Practitioners' Own Fees
REMEDY will pay for up to 100% of the Insolvency practitioner's costs in assisting in the litigation. Even if there is no requirement for a Solvency Report or affidavit evidence, there will be general administrative time used in providing instructions, receiving updates and monitoring the progress of the proceedings.

Indemnity Against Adverse Costs Orders
Insolvency practitioners face a personal liability to adverse costs orders made against them. REMEDY can provide the practitioner with an indemnity against such a finding allowing the practitioner to progress the litigation without the shadow of personal liability.

Bank Guarantees to Support Security for Costs Orders
Given the financial status of the lead plaintiff company in any insolvency practitioners' litigation, most defendants will require some form of security to confirm that any order for costs can be met. REMEDY will provide a bank guarantee to support the indemnity provided thus eliminating the effectiveness of a security for costs application.

An Application for Security for Costs is often the first response from a Defendant and the Bank Guarantees provided by REMEDY quickly remove this first hurdle and send a strong message of commitment.

Assistance in Management and Evaluation of a Case
REMEDY has a depth of experience in numerous areas of commercial litigation. After the initial review of the file and if an offer to fund is made, REMEDY will assist in the management and direction of the proceedings. All attempts will be made to reach a quick and effective resolution to the case that provides creditors with the maximum achievable return.

The Cost
All REMEDY costs and fees are payable from the proceeds of the litigation. They are calculated in advance as a percentage basis of the total claim having regard to the commercial valuation of the case, the risks involved and the potential length of proceedings. As every case is different in evidential value and complexity, we quote on a case-by-case basis to offer the most competitive terms possible. If the litigation is unsuccessful, then there is nothing to pay. If the case is "lost," then REMEDY will cover the cost of any adverse cost order made and will charge nothing. The litigation is effectively run on a no-win, no-fee basis.
Litigation funding
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