As one of Asia's premier litigation funding and recovery companies,  Remedy offers a wide portfolio of professional services to both individual & business customers. Founded in 2000 it was Hong Kong’s first litigation funder and has been at the very forefront of the new  emerging legal finance industry. Confident in its professionalism and proven track record, Remedy can deliver many of these services on a unique "No win-No fee" complete satisfaction basis.

Over the years the legal systems throughout Asia have become increasingly sophisticated and drawn inspiration from the common law & statutes of Europe. Most have adopted the established loser pays all costs principle and frequently lawyers are legally prohibited to any conditional fee structure. The risk and potential cost of any legal dispute to the litigant is to say the least daunting.

Regardless of merit, many litigants simply do not have the means or local legal expertise to access justice.

Irrespective of financial circumstances, our clients can now avail themselves of independent legal representation on case merit alone. Assured that if the issue should fail they are protected against all costs on a “No win–no fee” basis.

With an in-house team of experienced claims managers, and a network of specialist lawyers and professional experts, Remedy can offer a simple and no risk service to clients across various fields of law throughout Asia.


Results only legal fees

There are no prizes for coming second in any dispute or litigation. Most Law firms and experts charge for their services by the hour, win, lose or draw. Uniquely Remedy only expects to be paid if successful. This unites both client and Remedy to a common cause, the prompt and successful conclusion of the matter and achievement of the highest award possible. No spiraling legal fees, unnecessary litigation or fear of adverse costs.

Prevention is better than cure…

Many foreign companies and investors look to Asia for manufacturing and outsourcing, but are unaware of the law, customs or business etiquette.

Remedy has a comprehensive network throughout Asia and local professionals from all business disciplines. This gives you an independent focus on all your investment, business and legal needs.

Contact us now to create your new Asian business model, knowing that all possible precautions and eventualities have been considered before you start!

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